About Us

Why Did We Start ImageHomer?

We create, curate, and sell black-and-white images, illustrations, and other prints about places we lived, loved, visited, and/or vacationed.

While we love all kinds of art, unfortunately, when we’ve asked artists to create colored art (of our favorite places and places we’ve lived), they've each had a different interpretation of these places than we did. 

Why Black and White?

We love black-and-white "art" because it's soooo versatile. It taps into the imagination and allows us to remember these places the way we want to. We're not distracted by color and can just enjoy the trip down memory lane for what it is! Not only that, we've found it much easier to display black and white art if/when we change color scheme, move, or just move the image to a different place. We've found that black and white goes with virtually ANY decor. Yay!

That’s why we created ImageHomer and it's why we hope you find our images of value too.

Thank you for supporting us.

Take care,

The Entire ImageHomer Family :)

PS - If you'd like us to create a specific image, click here and send us your suggestion(s)!

We're known for doing images of beaches, cities, towns, neighborhoods, familiar signs, custom home images, and custom business images. 

A portion of our profits go to support our friends at Stonebrook Family Ministry.